About - Bhavika Gupta

A Mortagage Underwrite turned Photographer, I am simply smitten by this of capturing moments and preserving them for lifetime. Born & raise on the hills, nature has taught me to explore beauty even in the mundane. Hailing from a quaint hill-station , Lonavala,  my love or travel and capturing emotions took me  places to freeze the best moments of ones life "Wedding" .

Yes, I am a Wedding Photographer - who tries to be as discreet as possible while capturing your BEST on the  BEST day of your life. Friendly , fun loving , I gel along really well to be mistaken as family at time- gives me a chance to fill in the space that of an outsider.

Apart from Weddings, I also make lovely Couple Portraits , Headshots, Mom-to-be profiles and wonderful Kiddy pictures.

If you like what I do & wish to include me in your celebrations , get in touch  : musingframesbybg@gmail.com or say HELLO : +91 9766088799

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